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tini.sh - CarryLinks Link Shortener

The Easiest Link Shortener

tini.sh /ˈtaɪ.nɪʃ/ is the link shortener for CarryLinks, the complete bookmark manager. With one click, you can easily shorten, share and track any link in your bookmarks.

How to Shorten a Link

CarryLinks makes it so easy for you to shorten, share and monitor any link in your bookmarks. You can do so from the


Key Features


Name your short links the way you like; customize them to make them consistent and memorable.


Before a short link is created, the target link is checked for any unsafe data.


Monitor your link's activity and get insights into data such as locations, devices, clicks, times, etc.


With tini.sh, you enjoy the rest of the features of CarryLinks, the complete bookmark manager.


Create QR, copy, email, and share your short link on social media easily and from any device.


Create short links from any platform: computer, tablet, mobile, and browser extension.

CarryLinks revolutionizes your bookmarking journey, offering a seamless experience enriched by its myriad of innovative features.


A short link is simply a link that redirects to the original link. Short links are useful in a number of situations; for example, when you want to share a long link but are limited by the number of characters you can type. They are also useful as they make long links memorable!

tini.sh is an easy to use link shortener. It is one of the many features that CarryLinks offers, and it allows you to shorten any link directly from your bookmarks. So, there is no need to copy and paste. It is a complete bookmark management system that works from all operating systems, browsers, and devices.

No. You are in full control of your short links. Your short links do not expire and stay active as long as you have an active account and the original link is not deleted.

Yes, you can. However, visitors to the previous link will not be able to reach your updated link if you do not share with them the updated link.

You can use (or mix) numbers and English letters (small and capital letters). However, keep in mind that short links are case-senstive; for example, "MyLink" is different from "mylink". The symbol "-" is also supported but not at the beginning or end of the link.

There is no limit on the number of links that you can shorten.

Yes; tini.sh is free. Non-Premium users get system-generated names for their short links, while Premium users (as part of the CarryLinks Premium membership) can customize their short links and view detailed statistics.

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